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2020 (so far)

April 2020

    • Received IBM Faculty Research Award.

March 2020

    • 1 ISCA'20 (algorithm-hardware co-design to reduce data movement) accepted
    • Awarded as TEES Young Faculty Fellow by TAMU, for impactful research
    • NeurIPS'20 TPC

February 2020

    • A Memorable Career Point: First Ph.D. student Ye Yuan will graduate this summer and join ByteDance AI Lab, Silicon Valley, as a full-time researcher.
    • 3 CVPR'20 (self-supervised adversarial robustness + fast GCN training + indoor scene reasoning [Oral]) + 1 IEEE Trans. Image Processing (visual understanding in poor-visibility environments) accepted
    • Invited Talks at: (1) ARM ML Research Lab, Austin, TX; (2) TAMU ECE Department Seminar.
    • Will co-organize the ECCV 2020 RLQ-TOD Workshop and Prize Challenge
    • Will co-organize the IJCAI 2020 BOOM Workshop
    • Honored to serve as a program chair of SIBGRAPI 2020 (Brazil's national annual conference on Computer Graphics and Image Processing)! Thanks to friends in the south :)

January 2020

    • 1 AISTATS'20 (CNN uncertainty quantification) + 1 IEEE Trans. CSVT (GAN data augmentation) accepted
    • ICIP'20 Area Chair, MICCAI'20 + ACM MM'20+ MIDL'20 TPC


December 2019

    • 4 ICLR'20 (FasterSeg + MAD model comparison + early-bird tickets + triple-win) + 1 IEEE JSTSP (CNN dual dynamic inference) + 1 AAAI'20 workshop (ML safety) accepted
    • Appointed as Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. CSVT (IF = 4.046)
    • Co-organized the NeurIPS 2019 HADR Workshop
    • Co-organized the 2nd TAMU Deep Learning workshop

November 2019

    • 2 AAAI'20 (fine-grained dynamic inference + out-of-distribution detection) accepted
    • Received the Engineering Genesis Award for Multidisciplinary Research from TAMU
    • Invited Talks at: (1) Google Research, Mountain View, CA; (2) Machine Learning Center, Georgia Institute of Technology; (3) ECE Interdisciplinary Distinguished Seminar, North Carolina State University.
    • ICML'20 + ECCV'20 + IJCAI'20 TPC

October 2019

    • Invited Talks at: (1) ECE Department, Rice University; (2) ECE Department, New York University; (3) Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University; (4) ESE Department, University of Pennsylvania; (5) Biomedical Imaging & CS Departments, Yale University.
    • Appointed as Associate Editor of IET Computer Vision (IF = 1.65)
    • Co-organized the ICCV 2019 RLQ Workshop
    • Will co-organize the CVPR 2020 UG2+ Workshop and Prize Challenge

September 2019

    • 3 NeurIPS'19 (efficient CNN training + adversarial robustness in model compression + Bayesian learning-to-optimize) + 2 WACV'20 (domain generalization in ReID + video deblurring) + 1 ICCV'19 workshop (person search by language) accepted
    • Invited Talks at: (1) ECE Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; (2) IBM AI Research Week 2019, AI Systems Day; (3) ECE Department, Northeastern University
    • CVPR'20 TPC

Aug 2019

July 2019

    • 5 ICCV'19 (text style transfer [oral] + UAV object detection + AutoGAN + person ReID + fast deblurring) accepted
    • Invited to participate in Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2019
    • Invited Talks at: (1) Kuaishou AI Lab, Seattle, WA; (2) Alibaba AI Lab, Seattle, WA; (3) Wormpex AI Research, Seattle, WA; (4) NEC Labs America, San Jose, CA; (5) Facebook Research, Menlo Park, CA.
    • Co-organized the ICIP 2019 Grand Challenge
    • ICLR'20 TPC

June 2019

    • 1 MICCAI'19 (unsupervised CT image segmentation) + 1 Surgical Infections (clinical collaboration paper, on skin image segmentation) accepted
    • Released PA-HMDB51 dataset: the first large-scale benchmark on privacy-preserving video recognition
    • Co-organized the CVPR 2019 UG2+ Workshop and Prize Challenge
    • WACV'20 Area Chair

May 2019

    • 2 ICML'19 workshop (uncertainty quantification, for auto driving, and for mobile sensing) + 2 CVPR'19 workshop (underwater image enhancement, and deep learning to segment Arctic Wetland) accepted

April 2019

March 2019

    • 1 IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging (sparse CT reconstruction) + 1 IEEE Trans. Image Processing (connecting denoising to segmentation) accepted
    • Released MPID dataset: the first large-scale deraining benchmark.

February 2019

    • 2 CVPR'19 (high-resolution segmentation [oral] + MPID deraining benchmark) + 1 Bioinformatics (CNN-RNN for protein unfolding) + 1 IEEE Trans. CSVT (faster sparse coding) + 1 ICASSP'19 (GAN data augmentation) accepted
    • ICIP'19 Area Chair, ICCV'19 + NeurIPS'19 TPC

January 2019

    • 1 Remote Sensing (CNN-RNN for hyperspectral classification) + 2 MIPR'19 (invited papers) accepted
    • Invited Talks at: (1) (as a co-organizer) NSF/AAAI AI for natural disaster workshop, Hilo, HI; (2) ARL Workshop on Holistic Scene Understanding, Austin, TX


December 2018

    • 1 ICLR'19 (deep learning for sparse coding [highest score]) + 1 AISTATS'19 (uncertainty quantification) accepted

November 2018

    • Appointed as Associate Editor of Springer-Nature Cognitive Computation (IF = 3.44)
    • CVPR'19 + ICML'19 + IJCAI'19 TPC
    • Co-organized the 1st TAMU Deep Learning workshop

October 2018

    • 1 IEEE Trans. Image Processing (low-quality visual recognition) + 1 NeurIPS'18 workshop (energy-aware inference) accepted

September 2018

    • 2 NeurIPS'18 (deep learning for sparse coding [spotlight oral] + CNN orthogonality regularization) accepted
    • ICME'19 Area Chair
    • Invited Talks at: (1) Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Seminar Series, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW); (2) CS@Stevens Institute of Technology; (3) TAMU ECE ISS Seminar

August 2018

July 2018

    • 1 ECCV'18 (privacy-preserving visual recognition) + 1 IEEE Trans. Image Processing (RESIDE dehazing benchmark)+ 1 ACM MM'18 (tech demo: music visualization) accepted
    • My team won the 2nd prize in ECCV 2018 ChaLearn Challenge Track 3
    • Co-organized ICML/IJCAI'18 joint BOOM workshop

June 2018

    • 1 IISE Trans. Healthcare Systems Engineering (depression detection from multi-modal signals) accepted
    • Invited short course on deep learning /computer vision, University of São Paulo, Brazil.
    • Invited Talks at Italy: i) the "Data-Driven Approaches in Imaging Science" Minisymposium, SIAM Imaging Science Conference, Bologna; ii) Dept. of Information Engineering and Computer Science, University of Trento.

May 2018

    • 1 ICML'18 (CNN compression) + 1 KDD'18 (subspace deep network [Long Oral] ) accepted
    • Received NSF CRII award
    • My team won the CVPR 2018 UG2 Prize Challenge
    • WACV'19 Area Chair, AAAI'19 + MIPR'19 + ICDM'18 + ACCV'18 TPC
    • Co-organized FG'18 FOR-LQ workshop

April 2018

    • 1 IJCAI'18 (image denoising) accepted
    • Invited Talks at: (1) the Machine Learning Seminar Series, Michigan State University; (2) Walmart Tech, Dallas.
    • Released RESIDE dataset: the first large-scale dehazing benchmark.
    • Co-organized the first image dehazing challenge on China MM'18.

March 2018

    • 1 IEEE Trans. Image Processing (video super resolution) + 2 AAIC'18 (Alzheimer's disease prediction) accepted
    • ACM MM'18 + MICCAI'18 TPC
    • Invited Talks at: (1) University of Maryland, College Park, MD; (2) US Army Research Lab, Adelphi, MD; (3) TAMU HRPC Computational and Data Science Seminar.
    • A book where I co-authored a chapter on font recognition became available online.

February 2018

    • Invited Talk at Samsung Research America, Dallas, TX.
    • NeurIPS'18 TPC

January 2018

    • IJCAI'18 + ICIP'18 + IJCNN'18 + ICME'18 TPC
    • Invited Talk at Bell Labs, Murray Hills, NJ


December 2017

    • Invited Talks at: (1) Rice University ECE seminar; (2) University of Houston ECE seminar
    • VCIP'17 special session chair

November 2017

    • 1 AAAI'18 (video dehazing) accepted
    • Won the Lenovo AI Innovation Award, and gave an invited talk at the Supercomputing (SC) 2017 conference, Denver, CO.

October 2017

    • Invited Presentation at CCC Symposium: "Computing Research: Addressing National Priorities and Societal Needs 2017", Washington, DC.
    • CVPR'18 + ICML'18 TPC
    • Co-organized ICCV'17 AMFG workshop

September 2017

    • Invited Talks at: (1) ECE CESG Seminar; (2) CSCE Graduate Seminar; (3) ECE Bio-Seminar

August 2017

    • Start at Texas A&M!
    • Received the ICCV 2017 Young Researcher Travel Award
    • MIPR'18 + PAKDD'18 TPC

July 2017

    • 2 ICCV'17 (video super resolution + image dehazing) + 1 ACII'17 (low-resolution expression recognition) accepted
    • CVPR'17 Tutorial on robust computer vision [video record]
    • Co-organized IJCAI'17 BOOM workshop

June 2017

    • 1 BMVC'17 (unsupervised hashing) accepted
    • AAAI'18 TPC
    • Invited Talk at Banner Alzheimer's Institute, Phoenix, AZ

May 2017

    • 1 IEEE Trans. Image Processing (multi-object tracking) + 1 CVPR'17 workshop (super resolution) + 1 ICIP'17 (CT image super resolution) accepted

April 2017

    • 1 IJCAI'17 (deep learning for sparse coding) accepted

March 2017

    • ICIP'17 Area Chair, ACM MM'17 + VCIP'17 TPC

February 2017

    • 1 IJCNN'17 (brain-inspired aesthetics assessment) accepted
    • Finalist of the UW Amazon Catalyst Innovation Award

2016 and before

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