Data and Codes


  • CVPR'19, Multi-Purpose Image Deraining (MPID) dataset [Website]
    • the first and currently largest benchmark for image deraining research. Released in March 2019.
  • IEEE TIP'19, REalistic Single Image DEhazing (RESIDE) dataset [Website]
    • the first and currently largest benchmark for image dehazing research. Released in December 2017.
  • ACM MM'15, Adobe Visual Font Recognition (VFR) dataset [Link]
    • the first large-scale, fine-grained benchmark of font text images, for the task of font recognition and retrieval. Released in May 2015.

Paper Codes

  • CVPR'19 Oral, Ultra-high resolution image segmentation [GitHub]
  • Bioinformatics'19, DeepAffinity model for protein-compound affinity prediction [GitHub]
  • ICASSP'19, GAN-based data augmentation [GitHub]
  • ICLR'19 [GitHub], NeurIPS'18 spotlight oral [GitHub]: Sparse unfolding and truncating
  • NeurIPS'18, Orthogonal regularization [GitHub]
  • ECCV'18, Privacy-preserving visual recognition [GitHub]
  • ECCV'18, ChaLearn Challenge solution [GitHub]
  • CVPR'18, UG2 Challenge solution [GitHub]
  • arXiv'18, Improved dehazing (CSCE633 team report) [Github]
  • ICML'18, Deep k-means model compression [GitHub]
  • KDD'18, Subspace deep network [GitHub]
  • IJCAI'18, Segmentation-aware denoising [GitHub]
  • ICCV'17, AOD-Net for dehazing [Official Caffe GitHub] [Keras] [Pytorch]
  • IEEE TIP'17, Greedy batch-based minimum-cost flow tracking [GitHub]
  • ACII'17, Low-resolution facial expression recognition [GitHub]
  • BMVC'17, Transformed anti-sparse hashing [GitHub]

Other Software